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Load Volume Scanner Streamlines Weighing Processes

load volume scanner systemWhile most companies depend on truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment to determine a truck's load weight, many businesses are starting to catch-on to the advantages of the load volume scanner. 

The load volume scanner is completely different form of technology in that it doesn't directly weighing loads, but rather uses volumetric scanning to generate 3D images of a truck's load. With basic inputs defining the material density and general weight per cubic metric, the system can take scanned volume data and convert it into weight.

Although a revolutionary means of high-capacity weighing, the load volume scanner is a rather simple tool that offers a wealth of benefits for many companies. Whether for construction, mining, or agriculture, the load volume scanner provides a cost-efficient alternative to truck scales.

Advantages of the Load Volume Scanner

The load volume scanner system offers a wealth of advantages. While its application varies per job site and weighing operation, below are some of the most common advantages of using the load scanner technology.

  • Affordability - Compared to heavy-duty to truck scales, such as weighbridges and axle scales, the load volume scanner is a much more affordable investment. Most systems are fraction of the price of most other weighing systems. The load volume scanner can also be rented for short-term use. load volume scanner portable trailer
  • Portability - The load volume scanner can be transported from job site to job site. It's fully-portable trailer system makes it easy for any operator to tow the load scanner system wherever it's needed.
  • Accuracy - Generate accurate volume and weight calculations time and time again without needing to recalibrate the system. The load volume scanner provides exceptional accuracy in determining the volume and weight of loads.
  • Functionality - In addition to measuring the volume and weight of loads, the load volume scanner also functions to ensure proper load distribution in truck beds. The 3D imagery can provide immediate feedback as to any inadequacies of how loads are being distributed, thus helping to optimize throughput for high-volume operations.

These are just a few of the primary advantages that make the load volume scanner so highly-sought by many different companies. To learn more about the load volume scanner, visit to see more information about how the system works, where to invest, and how much it cost.


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