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Over the years, there has been significant progress in truck axle scale technology. Manufacturers like Walz Scale have pioneered and revolutionized this technology to deliver premium-level scale systems that offer incredible features and relentless durability. One of the most highly sought systems are portable weigh pads, which offer a high level of versatility and functionality for many users.portable weighing pads

Portable weigh pads (or "wheel weighers") have become an industry standard for mining, farming, and other yield-based companies. Unlike the large and cumbersome mechanisms of the past, portable weigh pads deliver optimal convenience and efficiency for a number of industries and applications.

A significant amount of research has gone into the construction of portable weigh pads. Manufacturers like Ag Weigh (an agriculture-based segment of Walz Scale) have significantly optimized and finely-tuned this portable weighing technology. As a result, the companies that invest in such weighing pad technology can drastically cut costs in more ways than one.

Features & Functionality Behind Portable Weigh Pads

The common material used to build portable weigh pads is aluminum, which makes the system very lightweight and easily portable. The conditions in which these weighing systems are used can often be very harsh. As a result, Ag Weigh has made it so their portable weighing pads are completely waterproof and extremely durable.

portable wheel weighers

For example, the AXW-45 Series portable weighing pads at AgWeigh.com allow for the weighing of up to 45 Tons or 90,000 lbs. This system, as well as most other portable scale systems, come with a portable weight terminal. This terminal is designed with a simple to use backlight LCD interface (making it easy to see) and enables operators to see and print vehicle weights for payload management. These portable terminal are also equipped with rechargeable batteries which provide hours of scale operation. portable weighing terminal

Also a valued feature of these portable weighing pads are the in-motion weighing capabilities. Operators can determine the weight of their vehicles dynamically or in-motion. The in-motion weighing option helps to accelerate the weighing process enabling operators to weigh vehicles without needing to stop to weigh each axle individually. As a result, users can better protect themselves from overload fines and miscalculations.

For road, trucking, and mining applications, visit WalzScale.com, and for farming and agriculture applications, visit AgWeigh.com to learn more about portable weighing pads.

3 Axles Scales That Are Accurate, Efficient, & Easy to Install

Walz Scale axle scales feature low profile designs that deliver accuracy and performance. They are available in different configurations, capacities and lengths and can be used from single to multi-axle vehicles. They feature treaded or smooth top plates and are made of aluminum or steel.

The portable design behind these axles scales make them suitable for locations where is not feasible to install large permanent scales. Also known as "wheel weighers", Walz axle scales can provide reliable accurate performance for mobile or temporary applications. Among the standard features include overload protection and ability to function in heavy-duty operations.

Below we showcase three axle scale systems by Walz Scale and how these portable scale systems offer incredible accuracy, efficiency, and easy of use for various weighing needs.

Heavy Duty Axle Scale System Heavy Duty Axle Scale

The heavy duty axle scale is a versatile scale system built by Walz Scale that's ideal for locations where concrete foundations are not practical (thus demanding portability.) With no need for a concrete base, the installation and setup is simple and easy, as the axle scales can be placed directly on compacted gravel.

The heavy duty axle scale system is a portable axle scale is compatible with multiple peripherals, spanning from receipt and ticket printers and digital weight terminals to portable driver kiosk systems and large weight displays. These axle scale systems can measure the weight of vehicle axle loads up to 80,000 lbs with accurate precision.

In order to maximize durability for heavy duty operations, this particular axle scale system is engineered with structural I-Beams made of steel and with super heavy duty load cells. Walz heavy duty axle scales provide superior reliability and accuracy over other systems and will outperform most of the competitor scales on the market.

Among the Walz Scale heavy duty axle scales are the:

  • AXHD-7 Axle Scale with weigh capacity of 80,000 lbs and dimensions of 7' long x 3' wide
  • AXHD-11 Axle Scale with the same weigh capacity as the AXHD-7, but larger dimensions at 11' long x 3' wide

Both axle scale models can operate with a multitude of peripheral devices, including the driver LED display which gives drivers the ability to view the weight measurements from the comfort of their vehicle cab.

AXW 30T Axle Scale System

The AXW 30T Axle Scale Systems (also known as "portable wheel weighers") are mobile scales that offer both static or dynamic weighing. The AXW-Series of scales are made from a extremely durable piece of aluminum that's ultra lightweight, making it easy to carry. The waterproof weighing pads make them capable in tough environmental conditions, and included are lightweight removable ramps that provide easy access.

Axle Scale Systems

AXW 30T Axle Scales have a reputation as a highly accurate means to calculate total vehicle weights and axle weights of up to 30 tons (or 60,000 lbs.) These systems are among the leading truck axle scales on the market, ideal for their portability and easy installation.

AXW 45T Axle Scale System

The AXW 45T-Series of axle scale systems by Walz Scale allow for the measuring of vehicles weighing up to 90,000 Lbs or 45 tons. They provide portability for total vehicle weight and vehicle axle weight measurements. The AXW 45T axle scales are very similar in design to the AXW 30T-series as they are made of single piece of aluminum and are highly lightweight for optimal portability. Axle Scale

The AXW 45T axle scale system is fully waterproof and can perform in any weather conditions. For applications that require operating the scale on earth foundations or on gravel are available optional off-road bases. Removable ramps are included with every AXW 45T weighing pad. What's unique about this form of axle scale is that they can be used for in-motion weighing.

Learn more about the various types of truck axle scales and other weighing systems by visiting Walz Scale.

Farm Truck Scale for Accurate Yield Management

The Problem

Farmer looks to better manage farm harvest data and improve their operation. The farmer seeks the ideal farm scale system help improve operational efficiency.

The Solution

Walz Scale provided a grain dump truck scale. This NTEP approved scale allows for high accuracy yield management and approved hard record data for the insurance company.

The Advantages

As a result of Walz Scale farm truck scale, the farmer can take advantage of many features and benefits:

  • NTEP approved
  • Grain dump
  • Reduces weighing time
  • Increased truck throughput
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance

See more farm truck scales by visiting AgWeigh.com, a branch of Walz Scale.

Portable Axle Scale for Caterpillar Inc.

The Problem

Caterpillar Inc. looks to provide payload analysis on their articulated mining trucks. How do you provide payload analysis in remote global locations?

The Solution

Walz Scale custom built heavy duty portable axle scales (wheel weighers). Our AXM Series mining scales are designed with an axle load rating of 90,000 lbs and a large weigh surface.

The Advantages

As a result of Walz Scale portable axle scale solution, Caterpillar Inc. can take advantage of numerous benefits. This advanced axle scale system provides:

  • Fully Portable
  • Waterproof Design
  • Aluminum Construction


See more portable axle scales and wheel weighers at Walz Scale.

Air Freight Scale System

The Problem

Ever wonder how your FedEx packages can get across the country so fast?

The Solution

Walz Scale provides solutions to freight companies for managing the weights that are loaded into their air planes. Accurate weights of the loads on these planes is critically important for a safe flight.

The Advantages

As a result of Walz Scale air freight scale systems, shipping and freight companies experience countless advantages. Some of these include:

  • Complete custom axle scale systems
  • Service and support for existing axle scale systems

Farmer Looks to Add a Truck Scale to His Farming Operation

The Problem

A local farmer was looking to capture harvest weight data on his farm in the most efficient means possible.

The Solution

Walz Scale provides a grain dump truck scale that incorporates the farmers existing grain dump into the weighing process.

The Advantages

With the grain dump truck scale, the farmer can now weigh is in-bound and out-bound loads directly at his grain dump. As a result of this scale system, the farmer has realized:

  • Faster weighing and unloading
  • Increased site safety
  • NTEP approved weights

Grain Dump Truck Scale

See more agricultural weighing systems and farm truck scales at Ag Weigh, a branch of Walz Scale.

Heavy Duty Steel Deck Truck Scale

The Problem

A large grain terminal requested that Walz Scale replace their existing mechanical truck scale with a new heavy duty electronic version.

The Solution

Walz Scale provided a new Heavy Duty Steel Deck Truck Scale and provided the pit modifications to allow for the installation. This Heavy Duty Steel Deck Truck Scale is designed to provide extremely accurate truck weights for many decades to come.

The Advantages

The advantages Walz Scale replacing a worn out truck scale are as follows:

  • Increase weighing accuracy
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Steel Deck Truck Scale


Concrete Steel Deck Truck Scale

Grain Dump Truck Scale

The Problem

Grain Elevators are always looking for ways to increase truck throughput and reduce costs. Many grain elevators require drivers to weigh their trucks in one location and then drive to the dump pit. This process is not always the most efficient way to manage the truck traffic.

The Solution

Walz Scale provides a grain dump truck scale solution by positioning the scale next to the grain dump, or incorporating the grain dump into the truck scale.

The Advantages

This solution allows drivers to weigh their trucks and dump their grain all in one location. Allowing grain operations and their customers to to process their transactions more efficiently.

As a result of the grain dump truck scale system, operations are able to:

  • Increase truck throughput
  • Increase site safety

Grain Dump Truck Scale

To learn more about grain dump truck scales and other farm truck scales systems, visit AgWeigh.com, a branch of Walz Scale that specializes in agricultural weighing systems.

Accurate Truck Weights at Chemical Plant

The Problem

A large chemical manufacturer was looking for an accurate means of tracking outbound shipments of their chemicals.

The Solution

Walz Scale designed and supplied an in-ground truck scale capable of weighing their truck loads. The heavy-duty concrete deck truck scale also allows for top access to all the weighing components.

The Advantages

Walz Scale in-ground or pit scale installations are ideal for applications that do not allow for an above ground scale installation. While the design of the pit scales also provides top access to all the weighing components, it limits the need to enter the scale pit.

Pit Truck Scale

Dump Pit Truck Scale

The Problem

A farmer needs an effective solution to weigh the harvest load of his trucks while minimizing redundant steps and downtime during the weighing process.

The Solution

Walz Scale designed and integrated a dump pit truck scale that enables the farmer and his team to utilize their current dump pits to weigh harvest payloads. The intuitive design of these particular truck scale systems allow drivers to measure weight while on the scale, as well as dump their trucks without having to moving the vehicle.

The Advantages 

With the dump pit truck scale from Walz Scale, farmers can conveniently control their weighing process and increase throughput during the harvest season.

Some of the features and benefits of Walz pit truck scale system include:

  • Simple Foundation Design
  • Simple Installation
  • Steel Deck Design
  • Legal-for-Trade
  • Widths up to 14 feet wide


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